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Roller Banner User Guide

Our courier has just delivered your branded roller banner from Sunshine Print. You remove it from your free carry case. 

You know that it’s going to be great to have a roller banner as you move around different venues. As usual with Sunshine Print, getting the banner was easy. But how do you set it up? 

A word to the wise. When you’re putting your retractable banner up, be careful not to accidentally release it until it’s fully retracted as there is a risk that this accidental event could damage your banner. Just hold onto it securely!

Here’s our easy to follow guide:


  1.  Remove banner from carry case
  2.  Turn the two feet around
  3.  Place the roller banner on the floor
  4.  Take pole out of the case
  5.  Extend pole to its full length
  6.  Ensure banner graphic facing away from you
  7.  Place your foot on one of the banner’s feet
  8.  Pull up the roller banner to chest high
  9.  Fit pole top connector into groove bar at top of banner
  10.  Use the pole to push banner up to full height
  11.  At full height, secure other end of the pole into metal case hole in base & into round fitting


  1.   Hold top of banner with one hand
  2.   Place your foot on one of banner’s feet to to keep it stable
  3.   With your other hand, remove bottom end of pole from metal case. Ensure that you keep top of pole connected to banner.
  4.   Gently, let banner retract slowly back into its case until it is chest high
  5.   Keeping your hand on top of banner, remove pole from top.
  6.  Gently lower banner back into case
  7.  Turn banner’s feet back in until flush with case
  8.  Disassemble the pole
  9.  Place banner and pole back into travel case

There, all done! Now you are all equipped to pop up anywhere!

If you have any other questions about setting up or taking down your roller banner, we are, as usual, happy to help

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Roller Banner


I had some posters printed by Sunshine Print.

They were very helpful and kept me informed each step of the way.

The quality of the posters was excellent.

Highly recommend.

Mrs I.T. Fix It

Mrs I.T. Fix It

My experience with Sunshine Print was very nice.

Quick response and speedy delivery of my flyers to my door step.

Quality of service was excellent. Would recommend.

AB & Sons (Staffordshire) Ltd

AB & Sons (Staffordshire) Ltd

Great service delivered on time!

I was in need of business cards at short notice. I spoke to Sunshine Print on Tuesday evening, they assured me that they could get my business cards done within 48 hours.

My business cards arrived by courier on Thursday afternoon.

I found Sunshine Print to be very knowledgeable about print.

I will be using them again for my print needs.


Alcopods Ltd

Alcopods Ltd

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